AFC Knowsley Community Interest Company
July 13, 2024

AFC Knowsley Room Booking

Our facilities are available to hire in blocks of 4 hours.  For an 8 hour session please book back to back sessions.  Available between 8am – 9pm daily (except Saturdays).  Conveniently situated just off the M57 (Knowsley Safari Park) we have plentiful parking spaces that are free of charge.

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Please make yourself fully aware of the Room Hire Terms & Conditions below

About us

AFC Knowsley is a Community Interest Company (not for profit) and is run by its volunteers.  All monies collected throughout the annual programmes are re-invested into the grounds maintenance and supporting grassroots football in the local area.  In addition to this we work with local support groups and schools to enhance our local area and its people.  We currently have over 50 volunteers and events like these would simply not happen without their support.

Our Location

AFC Knowsley CIC
The Lord Derby Pavilion @ The Lord Derby Memorial Playing Fields
Knowsley Lane
Prescot, Merseyside, L36 8EB
(Next to George Hale Avenue)


Car Parking

We have ample car parking for your event. Disabled Parking is also available.  A blue badge must be presented in order to obtain a disabled parking space.  

1. Application

  1. All applications for meeting room and space hire must be made through the website.

  2. All applications must be made at least 10 working days in advance of the hire start date.

  3. The person, whose name the application is made in, will be considered to be “the Hirer”. No person under the age of 18 will be accepted as a Hirer.

  4. The booking period means the period of time reserved for the hirer.

2. Hire

      a. AFC Knowsley may refuse any application for hire without giving a reason.

      b. The Hirer shall not use the hired space for any purpose other than that stated in the application.

Acceptance of Booking

      a. The charges payable and Terms and Conditions of the hire must be agreed before a booking will be confirmed.

      b. Any request to change the booking agreed must be made 10 working days before the start of the hire.

Acceptance Criteria for Meeting room and Space Hire. Bookings will not be accepted for meetings that:-

      a. May involve discussion of an illegal, inflammatory or offensive nature.

  1. May involve discussions that seek to promote a particular viewpoint e.g. political, religious or pressure groups of a campaigning nature seeking to exercise political influences.

  2. May involve discussions that are contrary to the Library services diversity and equal opportunity statement.

4. Charges and Payment

  1. Hire charges will be in accordance with the current charges as laid down by AFC Knowsley. AFC Knowsley reserves the right to vary the hiring fees at any time, any hires already paid for will not be charged the amended fees. Fees not paid may be subject to the amended charges.

  2. Payment should be made through the online portal, unless agreed otherwise in advance.

  3. Any agreed cash payments must be paid on completion of this form before the booking period.

  4. Failure to meet payment terms will result in cancellation of the booking.

5. Cancellation by AFC Knowsley

AFC Knowsley may terminate the booking at any time, up to and including the date of hire; if AFC Knowsley becomes aware of any fact which would at face value not be in the interest of AFC Knowsley to proceed with the hiring agreement or which might prejudice AFC Knowsley’s standing and responsibilities as a local club. AFC Knowsley shall not be liable for breach of contract or be held liable for any expenditure incurred or loss sustained, directly or indirectly by the Hirer as a result of refusal, cancellation or termination.

AFC Knowsley also reserves the right to cancel any booking in the event of AFC Knowsley requiring the space for the purposes of civil emergency or any other event of local or national importance where the use of the premises by AFC Knowsley is essential and where the need for AFC Knowsley to have use of the premises was not reasonably foreseeable at the date of acceptance of the booking. In the event of such cancellation as much notice as possible of cancellation will be given by AFC Knowsley to the Hirer but no minimum period is stipulated. AFC Knowsley’s liability to the hirer will be limited to a full refund of any payment made by the Hirer to AFC Knowsley in respect of the hiring.

In the case of cancellation by AFC Knowsley arising from the Hirer failing to comply with the Terms and Conditions of hire, no refund will be made.

d. In the case of cancellation due to lack of heating, water, electricity or WiFi, or early closure of libraries due to adverse weather, a full refund of money paid will be due for the period of hire when the facility is not used. Where the hirer chooses to continue with the hire (and it is deemed safe to do so) the full fee will be due.

6. Cancellation by the Hirer.

      a. Confirmed bookings. Once a booking is made and paid for the hirer must give at least 4 weeks’ notice to cancel. No       refund will be made for any cancellation or non-use of the hired facility, without the required 4 weeks’ notice.

      b. Alterations to booking dates may be considered if submitted more than 10 days in advance of the hire start date.

7. Refunds

a. These will be made to the organisation, club or individual stated in the hire agreement. (We are unable to refund to individuals where the hire agreement is in the name of an organisation or club).

8. Booked Period

The booking period includes any setup and pack away time. The hirer must leave the space by the end of the booking period.

Requests for bookings outside normal staffed hours may be considered on special request. If agreed, there will be additional charges for security to lock or unlock the building.

AFC Knowsley will not be responsible for any loss to the hirer due to the facility not being available at the booked start time. AFC Knowsley’s liability to the hirer will be limited to a refund payment made for the unavailable booked period.

9. Hirers Responsibilities

Hirers must comply with AFC Knowsley Rules and Regulations.

Posters and flyers advertising your event/display may only be displayed in the Pavilion where advised and displayed in other venues with permission. Posters/flyers should be of a suitable standard.

AFC Knowsley is not responsible for the promotion of your event/display.

Noise levels must be controlled so as not to cause annoyance.  Any member of staff working at the Pavilion has authority to limit the volume of sound caused by people at the event or hiring.

Playing of music, broadcasting (sound/TV) filming or photography is not permitted without prior written consent from AFC Knowsley.

If agreed that sound recordings/video/live music can be played in the Pavilion, the hirer has the responsibility of ensuring that the appropriate licences are obtained and fees paid. This must be evidenced before the booking or hire start date. The Hirer shall indemnify AFC Knowsley against any infringement of copyright which may occur during the hiring.

Only assistance animals for the disabled are allowed on the premises. Any exception to this must be agreed with AFC Knowsley in advance.

The Hirer shall ensure the space is left in a tidy and orderly state and all rubbish taken off-site. Non-compliance of this condition may result in additional cleaning costs of £20 per hour, which will be charged to the hirer. Any clean involving bodily fluids will incur additional charges.

The Hirer will be responsible for any damage that may occur to buildings or fittings during the hire, and shall fully compensate AFC Knowsley for any damage to the premises or fitments.

The Hirer shall report any dissatisfaction with the booking as soon as possible to AFC Knowsley or within two working days of the event or hiring ending to allow the concerns to be investigated.

10. Insurance and Risks

  1. Hirers shall indemnify AFC Knowsley from and against any claim for damages, costs or expenses which may be made against AFC Knowsley in respect of personal injury, death or loss of or damage to property sustained by any persons and occurring during or in consequence of the hiring; which may have arisen from any act or omission by the Hirer or persons using any of the library spaces as a result of the hiring.

  2. The Hirer is responsible for insuring their property and equipment against all usual risks.

  3. AFC Knowsley does not accept responsibility for any property left by the Hirer or attendees, or damaged during the period of hire.

  4. Hirers must have Public Liability Insurance. Public Liability Insurance is only valid for the rooms or spaces booked during the booked period.

  5. For all activities involving physical activity Hirers must have appropriate qualifications. This must be evidenced before the booking or hire start date. The Hirer shall indemnify AFC Knowsley against any injuries caused during the hiring.

11. Health and Safety

The Hirer is responsible for ensuring the maximum numbers on the application for hire are not exceeded.

The Hirer must agree with the health and safety instructions on site.

Illegal substances must not be bought into or used in meeting rooms or spaces.

Alcohol may be served subject to permission. If alcohol is sold, the appropriate licence must be obtained in advance.

The Hirer shall at all times permit full access to AFC Knowsley’s duly authorised officers to enter or inspect the hired room.

AFC Knowsley reserves the right to halt or terminate the hiring at any stage in an emergency. AFC Knowsley’s liability to the hirer will be limited to a full refund of any payment made by the Hirer to AFC Knowsley in respect of the hiring

12. Additional Charges

In addition to the hire charges, further charges may be incurred for:

  1. A booking runs over the time booked.

  2. False activation of any alarms

  3. Where equipment loaned is not returned or damaged.

13. Children/Young People and Vulnerable Adults

AFC Knowsley premises must be safe and welcoming places for children and young people, their parents and carers. The Hirer undertakes to take reasonable precautions to ensure that any children, young people, parents and carers at their event will be kept safe.