AFC Knowsley Community Interest Company
April 23, 2024

AFC Knowsley supports Girls in Football

Since the grand opening of new £1.2 million Pavilion in 2021, it has been part of our mission to create opportunities for all in our local area of Knowsley and have a good provision of Safe, Fun and Inclusive football for all.

Along with the addition of disabled football, we are pleased to introduce the girls game at AFC Knowsley.  Currently offering teams in 2 different age groups while we search on possibilities of expanding into all age groups in the coming years.

The girls football has been a massive hit with everybody associated with the club from celebrating the Women’s World Cup at our fantastic Lord Derby Pavilion to having the girls being our very own 1st Team Mascots along with taking a few penalties too.

As we move on through the years as AFC Knowsley we envisage having girls teams for all age groups.  If you are interested in your child playing OR becoming a girls team manager then please get in touch.

Ant Murphy, u11s AFC Knowsley Girls Manager

“Girls football is more than a team, it’s a family you choose. The girls in this team have each others back no matter, win, lose or draw. The friendships that are formed now will last a lifetime on and off the pitch.

AFC Knowsley came to be from merging 2 teams last year. A lot of the girls started off together at the age of 5 at a local wildcats centre, this then progressed into an u8s team and they have picked up new friends along the way. This is the girls first season together and they are going from strength to strength with a brilliant record in the league and are about to start their first cup games so watch this space.

The girls have a hunger to win and have experienced winning tournaments with the previous club. So far as Knowsley they have entered a tough tournament made up off u12 girls and have got to the final and put on a brilliant display.

We have 5 girls representing St Helens school girls, 1 at Liverpool etc and another at Chester etc. We even flew the Knowsley flag at anfield when 2 of the girls were chosen to captain teams and play on the pitch at Anfield in front of 7000 fans.

Outside of their achievement’s on the pitch the girls have the best bond and have enjoyed countless activities together they choose to celebrate their birthdays together and just hangout and be very loud 11 year olds.

We are looking forward to the rest of the season and lots of tournament success this summer.”


Andy Heath, u10s AFC Knowsley Girls Manager

“As the manager of a girls’ football team, it is truly remarkable to witness the nurturing of their talents and observe their growth both as individuals and as a cohesive unit.

Grassroots football provides an invaluable opportunity for these young girls, and as coaches, we couldn’t be more delighted to contribute towards their goal attainment.

The dedication and commitment displayed by these young athletes is truly inspiring. Seeing them push themselves to improve and overcome challenges is incredibly rewarding.

It’s amazing to see how far they’ve come since they were formed just under 2 years ago. The progress they’ve made not only in their skills but also in their confidence and teamwork is evident in every game they play. The bond that has formed among the girls is something truly special.

They support and encourage each other both on and off the field. It’s a joy to be a part of their journey and to see the positive impact that football has on their lives.”